St-Cross Project.


For this client project I built a 3D model of the courtyard buildings and gate house located at the St-cross hospital. The project had been previously started by others in the last semester, with them completing the 3D model of the main church building. This continuation will focus on making the 3D models for the other buildings located on the site that make up the courtyard.

Having set out a plan for the area I would be working on, which was the gatehouse and courtyard wall leading up to the church. I began but constructing a basic shape of the building, with also getting the right height and width for when added to the other model. To help me with the details I used reference images to guide me.

Later into the build I started to add more detail to the building. This was mostly seen with the windows, as they all had very intricate designs and variant sizes. This led me to remaking some of the windows as they did not match the reference images.

The next stage of the build was to create the textures for the model. For this I used a free software called Quixel, which works similarly to substance painter in adding detail to textures. I used it to create a brick and roof tile texture for the building. Along with this I went about UV editing the model for later when I applied the textures to it.

Final Outcome

My outcome is a built 3D section of the St Cross building courtyard that can now be added to the rest of the model that has been worked on. Below shows the 3D model in pieces with the textures included with them. The only parts that were unfinished for this project were the human statue on the gatehouse and some of the texturing of the model, that I had difficulties with applying to parts of the structure. Though there are details that need completing for this area of the St Cross building, the main structure that I set myself the task of making is complete and can now be assembled with the rest of the St Cross model.