Harry Pye / 3D Artist.

About Me

I graduated from Winchester university with a 2:1 result for my course of Digital Media Development in 3D Environments (Game and Heritage). Winchester university allowed me to explore different avenues within 3D visualisation with each semester bringing new projects such creating games, products and heritage sites in 3D software. Now that I have concluded university I will be continuing to add to my portfolio and looking for work within 3D visualisation.

Before studying at Winchester at A Level I studied ICT and Photography, which has given me experience in software such as Photoshop, InDesign and Dreamweaver. I also spent a year doing a foundation course in Art & Design, enhancing my drawing skills and learning mainly about animation such as stop motion and creating my very own short animation projects. After this I went on to gain work experience for a few months in the engineering industry, where I learnt CAD software and attained a beginners course while working their, also in my spare time I taught myself how to use Revit. During my time learning I have always tried to broaden my knowledge and try my hand at various areas of design which has led to my main interests being in the 3D visualisation field.

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TEL: 07450025490